Friday, January 11, 2013

A favorite...

Dan and I were explaining to someone recently how we are so thankful for the life our kids have had.  When we moved into Joe's Place 6 years ago Carter was just 7 months old... and we had no idea if this idea of a home would even work.  We thought through a lot of things... but I guess I hadn't really processed what raising kids here would REALLY look like... or how it would change how they looked at the world.  Six years later... and they have only known a life with MANY "big brothers."  Their perspective of people is so different than mine was at their age... I love that!  

These are two of my favorite pictures.  Claire has always had a special love for Robert... or Bob Bob as she calls him (one of her first words).  Today we are celebrating 19 years of Robert and his last official high school birthday.  Excited for what is next for him... and praying in the years to come that his heart is always healthy!  :)  

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mr. and Mrs. Petke

Love this one!  Michelle... you are beautiful!

We have had some crazy warm weather the last few winters.  Not so on Dan and Michelle's wedding day!  It. was. SO. cold.  Thankfully the wedding party was staying at Union Station so we were able to do a lot of the portraits inside!

Lookin' good guys!

I loved all the red!  These girls were rockstars that day!

This was one of the most beautiful wedding ceremonies I have been to!  Dan and Michelle were so thoughtful in what they wanted communicated during their wedding day.  Speaks so much about this amazing couple!
Husband and Wife!!!!

Did I mention that these girls were rockstars!  They braved some amazingly cold weather!  This was one of Michelle's top shots.  We got to Kiener Plaza... and the waterfall was off!  Michelle totally took it in stride... and it turned out AWESOME!

Hello St. Louis!

The red hats were groomsmen gifts.  Dan found each of their favorite teams!  Love it!
One of my favorites!
The snow is for you, Michelle!  :)
This dude could dance... and was out on the dance floor almost the entire reception!
Let it snow!!!  And it did... the next day!  :)

Congrats to an INCREDIBLE couple!  Hope Costa Rica was awesome!

~Dan and Alyssa