Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Writers Block

I have had writers block for about 4 months. After extensive psychological testing, blood work and cat scans the doctors and I realized that the cause has been a common but often rare form of firstyeayofteachingoloisis. Its wednesday Im at school finals were given monday and tuesday (half days for the students but not teachers)so now Im writing because we have to be at school all day with pretty much nothing to do as grasdes are in the data base. SO I though I would give everyone a sampling of teaching in the city. DISCLAIMER:Take this all with a grain of salt as I love all my students and many are on thier way to good things.
Things you never thought you would hear in high school:
Quotes from the PA system:
Administrator "If we catch anyone in the hallways fighting (long pause)YOU WILL GO TO JAIL!"
Quotes from students
"Your last name is Reefer?"
"Hey J.T. I need some help"
"Easy J.T."
"Hey Mr. Reeve you look like Harry Potter."
"Mr. Reeve you look like that Hobbit we just saw in that clip."
"Hey Mr. Reeve your wife is fire." (pronounced fieuuur)
..................more to come

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Some Mid December Thoughts...

Well... Dan's first semester of teaching is finally winding down. I don't think we've ever felt we needed a break more! His long nights and early mornings have been pretty tiring. He'll be done with students next Tuesday and his last day will be Wednesday. We fly out that Friday for Seattle!! It's great to live in a city with a major airport. I think I've mentioned this before... but it's so nice to leave your house only about 2 hours before your flight! I'll never forget those long travel nights after work in Chico when I would fly up to see Dan when he was living in Seattle. At least the flight was short!!

One of the big highlights of this month was last night! U2 was playing here in St. Louis. We bought our tickets back in March. Dan and I didn't really agree on how much we paid for the tickets... but I have to admit our front row seats last night were awesome! It's worth it to be able to see the faces of the performers.

Another highlight of this month was our first big snowfall last week. I'll post some pictures when I finally get my film to the store... one of the not so joys of being a one car family. We got about 2 1/2 inches last Thursday. It was great because Thursday is my day off. I loved listening to Christmas music and watching the snow fall outside. It wasn't so fun walking to work in it the next day... but it was still pretty.

Well... I think that's it for now. Hopefully Dan will have some time to write on his two weeks off from school.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


I can't believe it is already December! The last couple months have flown by. I woke up this morning to snow flurries outside. It's fun to live in a city where it actually snows every year. Dan hopes desperately every day for school to be cancelled for a snow day. He must have walked to the door at least five times during his lesson planning last night to see if it was actually snowing. Hopefully one of these days he will get his wish.

This year we are so fortunate to get to spend Holidays with both sides of the family. The Tuesday before Thanksgiving last week, my Dad called and asked if we would like to come home for a couple days. I almost burst out crying on the phone. Every year my family spends Thanksgiving with my Grandfather and Aunt in the San Francisco Bay Area. I was devastated that my entire family would be there this year... everyone except us. So, we flew into Oakland (and surprised my Mom) last Thursday and had two amazing days with my family. Thank you Dad!!!!! Our super cool brother in law Scott took this picture of us (on a family walk). You can see San Francisco and the Golden Gate bridge in the back. For some reason it was extremely hard to come home after this trip. Dan and I were giving each other pep talks as we walked to our gate in the airport. We kept telling each other that it was okay... we won't be out here forever. Not that we don't love it here, we're just really starting to miss living near family on the West Coast. I can't wait for the day that we can drive home instead of fly.

Christmas this year will be with the Reeve clan in Seattle. I love it that our families live in areas that most people go to for vacation. This will be my first Christmas with Dan's family. It's hard when everyone is so spread out. He has a brother in Idaho, a brother in Montana, and his parents live in Seattle. We're really excited to get to spend Christmas with them this year!

Well... it's time to go eat some breakfast.