Wednesday, February 20, 2013


If there was a month I could choose to skip each year... it would be this one.  The shortest month of the 12 drags on for us every. single. year.  Part of it is  longing for the West Coast where we grew up and having so much opportunity to be outside... and part of it is the fact that our work is also our home.  While that is part of the reason we love what we do so much... it's also hard to be confined to these four walls... since one of us always has to be here during after school hours.  The winter is ESPECIALLY hard.  We are so thankful for our Saturdays off and the chance to take Carter and Claire out to explore.  A couple weeks ago we were desperately feeling the need to see some wide open space... so we headed about 30 minutes out of town to the banks of the Mississippi River.  Dan has spent some time out at the Riverlands Bird Sanctuary with his students over the past year... and had talked a lot about how awesome it is.  It was freezing cold... but just the medicine we needed!

While we were enjoying looking at bald eagles through the telescopes... this girl was requesting a check-up.  Still just a LITTLE obsessed with the doctor kit she got for Christmas.

So much drama... all the time!