Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Happy Birthday Grandpa

Well, I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my Grandfather. I know he has started to look at the blog recently. He will celebrate his birthday on Sunday, May 1st. My Grandfather's name is Floyd... he is one of the most encouraging people I know. Ever since I can remember, he has always talked to me about the importance of my education. I will never forget our family trips to visit him in the San Francisco Bay Area. He would always take the time to sit down with me to go over my times tables... not that any tutoring ever helped me in math. But, it made me feel important to be able to sit down at his desk and use one of his pens and pads of paper to go over and over the numbers. He is also the best omlet maker I know. One of the great parts of our visits has always been to wake up and sit at the bar in his kitchen while he fixes our omlets, toast, and bowl of fruit. When I was younger he would take myself and my two sisters, Erica and Cari, on trips to the Merry-Go-Round. We would always get cotton candy afterwards. I'm sure that was a nightmare for him, three young girls with pink sticky candy on their hands, but he always made sure we had the best time in the world. So, I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to the Greatest Grandfather ever. Happy Birthday Grandpa!!

Grandpa at my College Graduation in 2002 Posted by Hello

Friday, April 22, 2005

Random Stuff

Well, I'm excited that Alyssa has surprised me for my 30th birthday and is flying me to Boise Idaho so that I can go camping with my Dad and two older brothers in May. Its been a long time since we've done anything of that nature. The last time was in 97ish when Dave my dad and I, Shane was not able to come, went camping and climbing near Donners Summit near Tahoe. Unlike my friends going to school in Canada, I still have three weeks of school left so I can not yet get real excited about the trip. I've put off 12 weeks of translations that I need to get done in two weeks (in two different classes). Don't tell Alyssa or she will revoke my Game Cube privileges.
I also preached last Sunday evening it was my second time doing so, but the first time I hadn't finished any preaching classes I was the only intern around during that Christmas break, it just causes me to realize how wonderful and amazing it is that the Lord uses broken vessels to minister his Word to the world.
And lastly has anyone read the play by Anton Chekhov, The Seagull, if you have give me your thoughts.
Also Alyssa and I have tickets for U2 when they come to St. Louis in December and check out The Kings of Leon, they are opening up for U2 this tour. They are straight rock and roll.

Friday, April 08, 2005


I think one of the best parts of being in Seminary is seeing how the Lord has provided for us over and over again. Moving to St. Louis (which seems like halfway around the globe) was pretty hard... Especially when you are used to living in the same town as your immediate family for 20+ years. When we first moved into Seminary Housing we didn't have a washer or dryer for about 6 months. It was horrible! One of the great things about living in Seminary Housing is people moving and leaving things behind. One day coming home we saw a washer and dryer sitting in the "leave behind pile." We jumped out and wheeled them up to our apartment. We tried them outside first to make sure they worked. They did! I can't begin to tell you what sweet music it was to my ears hearing the sound of a washing machine coming from the basement. They weren't the best... but they worked... for about 2 months. I was crushed when the washer went out. There was no way we would have been able to buy a new one, and it almost made it more difficult that I had finally experienced what it was like to have one. I begged Dan to try and fix it. He finally went down one day while I was at work to take it apart. Just as he had begun to work on it the door bell rang. It was one of our neighbors wondering if we needed a washer and dryer. Some of their friends were moving and didn't need one in their new place. We were dumbfounded. She had no idea about our situation. Situations like this over and over have been a constant reminder of why we are here and Who we are serving. All of that gets me to the real reason I am writing today. Wednesday my dear husband Dan was running to Kinkos for me and the engine of our Jetta caught on fire. Fortunately there was coffee (there is always coffee somewhere in our house or car) sitting in the cup holder and a bottle of water in the back seat. He was able to put it out with no harm to himself. However, our one car family quickly turned into a no-car family. I only work a couple blocks from our house, so one of our church intern's was able to pick Dan up and we were able to walk home. When we lived in Seminary housing it was always easy to get rides places, but now we live about 20 minutes from there and 20 minutes from the Seminary. I called a fellow Seminary wife to see if her husband would be able to give Dan a ride to school in the morning. She began to say that was fine and then stopped herself. She has family in town and they have a third car until that family leaves. Not only did they give us a car 30 minutes later, but told us we could keep it for several weeks. What an amazing God we serve!