Tuesday, April 24, 2007

After being asked "how old is SHE" one too many times... we finally broke down today and took him to get his hair cut. I know many of you are thinking that it's about time.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

I promised Dan's Mom a while back that I would never put Carter in his highchair without a strap. Sorry Paula! It's one of those things that I think may put me in the irresponsible mom category... that and taking so long to finally put the outlet covers in. I like to think of myself as busy... or maybe a bit distracted at times. Anyways, here are some pictures of how Carter usually ends up by the end of his meals...

Carter never lays his head down on our shoulders... this was a VERY rare occurrence on Saturday morning.

I just kind of liked this picture...

Here are Jose' and Seth with Dan on Friday... all in the same shirts.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Weekend

I was explaining to my friend Katherine today that I feel like I'm on a constant Merry-Go-Round. Sometimes it slows down... but I'm just never able to get off. I guess it's just a stage of life right now.

We had a super (did I just say super?) Easter weekend. My best friend Lisa flew out from San Francisco to spend about 4 days with us. It was so much fun! How many people can say they still hang our with their best friend from 7th grade? Lisa spent much of her time here on the stairs with Carter... giving us a much needed break!

She also enjoyed some "juice" and cheerios with him. It was sad dropping her off at the airport yesterday.

Here is Carter this morning looking out the window. I think he was wondering what happened to Lisa.

I also had to include this picture. If you ever drop by during the evening hours... this is the scene you will most likely see.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Several people have commented this week how Carter looks more like a little boy and less like a baby. It makes me kind of sad. He looks so big sleeping in his crib now. As much as I know I am going to miss his baby days... the new stages he is in are just as much fun. I was laughing the other night when one of our guys was singing "Drop it like it's hot" at the top of his lungs right outside Carter's room and he didn't wake up. This sleep stage has been one of his best changes. Here are a couple cute pics from the week...

Kicking back reading a book...

He loves being outside and checking out every little thing. In this picture his nose is dirty from licking the screen.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Dan and I have both been traveling the past week... so it feels good to be home. Dan had another school trip (this time to the Gulf Coast) last week. To make a long story short... it was going to be a crazy week for me with Dan gone again. So... a week ago Friday a good friend was in town and we realized that we both had husbands out of town at the same time. A couple hours later I had a ticket to the great state of Alabama and back up house parents in place to stay here at Joe's while I was gone. It was so fun to be able to see the Kennedy family! Thanks again for a great week Julie! Here are some pics from our week:

Hanging out with Rebecca.

Natalie and Rebecca.

Carter LOVED the slide...

but he wasn't so sure about the sand box.

He finally warmed up to it and enjoyed a little taste test.

We also got to see another family from church that moved to AL. Here are the boys from 3 different families.

A climber like his Dad. He probably would have gone higher if I had let him.

Carter and Elijah riding side by side.

This is the real Space Camp. Pretty cool!

Carter also got to experience his first stay in a hotel room. Not the trip home I was planning for... but we ended up getting to see a bit of Memphis, TN as well.