Wednesday, August 31, 2005

What Not to Buy

I have to start out by saying that I love guacamole. Everytime our Bible Study has dinner together we bring it. Today we stopped by Trader Joe's on our way home to pick up some avocados (we have Bible Study tonight). I had just bought some there two days ago so I didn't think they would be hard to find. I circled the produce section two times and didn't see them. I was a little frustrated until one of the Trader Joe's employee's pointed out some huge green guava looking fruit. They were Slim-Ados. Don't ever buy them! It made my guacamole making go by a lot faster... since they were HUGE... but they taste horrible! On the sticker is says they have 50% less fat. How do you grow produce with less fat? I'm sure there is some scientific answer... but I don't care. The Trader Joe's guy said we could take them back if we didn't like them... but that's a little hard now since there is a huge bowl of Slim-Mole sitting in our refrigerator!!

Monday, August 29, 2005

Dan the Man

We created this site so we would be better about communicating... it hasn't work so well!! We are really going to try and be better about writing. This summer has been busy! Haiti was amazing. It was so eye opening to be in a different country... one that compares in no way to the US. It was hard to come back to paved roads and air conditioning... what an adjustment after only a week away. To somewhat explain how poor of a country Haiti is I have to tell you that the President of their country was on our flight in from Miami. I have never seen so many guns (once we landed) in one place in my life. I had serious thoughts about not getting off the plane! Seriously though... it was amazing to see how the Lord works in different places. We had a chance to do VBS with about 100 kids. It was so great to listen to them recite memory verses that they had learned throughout the year. They were so happy! I was so blessed to be able to go with Dan and experience just a tiny piece of what it might have been like for him to spend three years on the mission field in the Philippines.

Our big news of the summer is (no we are not pregnant... which we get asked at least 3 times a week!) that Dan got a teaching job!! What a huge answer to prayer. He will be teaching High School English in a school in the city... only 7 miles from our house. We were talking tonight about how amazing it is to live in somewhat of a big city and to be so close to everything. We live .4 miles from my work and church! I love to be able to walk to work in the morning!! Anyways, Dan will be teaching one period of World Lit. and four period of African American Lit. School started the day before he was hired, so he won't actually be in the classroom until school has been in session for about two weeks.

We are heading down to Atlanta this weekend (my first time to the south) to visit some good friends from Seminary. Should be lots of fun. We'll write again soon!!

Friday, August 12, 2005


Has anyone ever noticed that on a box of q-tips there is a warning stating, do not insert in ear? Only in America can an iconic brand of cotton swabs on a stick state on the box that they should not be used in the very way that thay have been marketed upon for decades. So i cannot wait to see "do not insert into mouth" on hot pockets.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


hello family and friends. We've returned from Haiti and actually didnt want to come back. It was great for us to walk in a different pair of shoes for awhile. Our internet has been down, it seems that there is a trade embargo against the import of DSL modems in the St Louis area, something about Fidel and DSL tobacco seeds.
We also came back to some tragic news, one of the young men from my youth group in Seattle, Nick Bloem, was killed in Iraq last Wednesday when Alyssa and I were in Haiti. He was a marine and a day past twenty. Please pray for the Bloem family and friends in this time. Alyssa and I are heading out to Seattle on Friday for the funeral. It is at times difficult to understand the affects of sin in this world, but Nick knew Christ who overcame sin and death. So we trust the Father even though our hearts break at the same time for Nick and the Bloem family.