Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Brown-Shepard Family

I'm working on getting my blog up to date moving from current sessions back over the past year... since ya know... I'm officially blogging again!  :)  As I'm going back through past sessions I've realized how many beautiful kiddos I got to work with in 2012.  Graham is one of those babes and was right around 5 months old when we met up in mid December.  I'll be honest... I was kind of dying on the inside the entire time I was with him.  Oh my word!  He seriously has the best hair and would hardly crack a single smile for me the ENTIRE time I was there!  SO serious!  

Get ready for some major cuteness!
 Yes I see that camera there... and no I'm not going to smile!
I'm just going to pretend like you're not there.

Had to end with this one... my only smile!  :)  Love!!
Thanks for letting me spend part of a beautiful Sunday with you guys!

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