Sunday, July 06, 2008

Tonight we drove out to Monroe, WA to Dan's cousin Kim's farm house for dinner and some fun. Dan's Aunt and Uncle were also there. Kim's husband Todd enjoys water skiing... so he invented dry skiing. They hooked up a rope to an ATV and hoped on a skate board. Dan LOVED it... sprained shoulder and all.

Here is 6 year old Jackson pulling Dan around the driveway.

Todd pulling Dan on the all terrain skate board.

3 Carters in the sand.

Dan's dad on Todd's Harley. We made him dress the part... it was pretty funny.

After a week of being around ATVs... we finally convinced Carter to go for a ride. He liked it... but was ready to get off after about 2 minutes.

Following Jackson... Carter has loved being with so many cousins.

We ended the night with tea and hot cocoa in front of their boat house. It was very relaxing. I still can't get used to this cold weather in the middle of the summer!

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