Sunday, September 07, 2008

If there was ever a time for Dan to say I told you so (and he has - several times)... it would have to have been Friday night. Just take a look at this picture and then I'll explain...

This weekend was our church's annual fall retreat (our 6th time going... kind of crazy). We love our church and the retreat so we were excited. We were even more excited because our retreat was in a new location this year and because Fred and Tyre were going with us. For weeks we debated about what time to leave (Fred was playing football until 10:30pm on Friday). I figured we should just leave after the game, but Dan wanted to get up early and drive the next morning. We finally decided to go up late Friday. So... we headed out of Maplewood around 11pm to pick up Katherine and Bryce. We finally got on the highway at 11:30pm. We were doing great until midnight. To make a long story short... lets just say we ended up with a flat tire on a blind curve in the middle of nowhere. We ended up having to completely unload the back of the car on the side of the road so Dan could get the spare out. Not long after that the police officer parked behind us. Anyway... after an hour of trying to get the tire off the officer finally called for a tow truck. It took the tow truck driver about 30 seconds to get the tire off.

Carter and Bryce did amazing through the whole ordeal.

And we are so thankful for the officer. He sat with us for almost an hour and a half and even gave us a jump when our truck wouldn't start once we finally got the new tire on. All that to say that we probably should have just waited to leave in the morning.

I'll post some more pictures from the weekend tomorrow. It took me almost an hour to write this. I love having my computer in the main part of the house... but at night there is just so much activity. That and I'm so tired I can hardly type.

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Shannon said...

Oy my goodness Alyssa! You sound like you have a pretty good attitude about this, what an ordeal! I'm glad you got their ok- look forward to hearing more about it, wish we didn't have to miss it.