Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lost and Found (again)

Lost: A huge tree in the side yard of the house we own in Maplewood. No... it was not lost in our recent storm... it's just gone.

Maplewood is pretty strict about yearly home inspections for rental properties. We had our inspection a few days ago. Surprisingly we had very few things to fix... but he did say that we needed to remove a dead tree in our side yard. We were hoping he wouldn't notice the tree since time is so hard to come by in our lives right now. It helps that Dan used to be a professional tree trimmer... but we were going to have to buy a new rope for the removal. Anyway... we've been stressing about when we were going to get it done. But when Dan went over today to show the house to a couple (who are actually going to move in... yea!!!)... the tree was gone. It's just one of those crazy things that is such a huge blessing. How crazy that it disappeared just a few days after the inspector told us that it needed to be removed. Our neighbor across the street eventually came over and explained to Dan that he removed the tree so he could give the wood to his brother to sell as firewood this winter. It's a little (ok... a lot) weird that he didn't ask us first... but at this point we don't really care.

Found: Silver bracelet that's been missing since April.

Dan bought me a set of 3 beautiful silver bracelets in Santa Fe in February. I wore them at least once a week until one of them went missing. I knew Carter had grabbed it off my night stand... but had looked everywhere and could not find it. This morning I opened the window in our 2nd story bedroom and just happened to look down. There on the roof was my bracelet... still as shiny as when Dan first gave it to me.

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Lindsey said...

hahaha... that is REALLY wierd that he didn't ask before he chopped the tree down! God must have just moved his heart to do you a favor. hilarious.

Also - the roof? really? it was on the roof? still? after all that rain and wind and everything, huh? that's amazing!! so glad for you. i love it when stuff like that happens.