Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Eve - Part 1

We have had an amazing Christmas break (although it's flying by way too fast)! We've spent time just as a family, with family on Skype and with friends here in St. Louis. It's been pretty much perfect. I'll get to pictures of Christmas later... but first I wanted to do a little post on one of Carter's favorite Christmas gifts...

On Christmas Eve... Steven (one of our JP graduates) and his girlfriend dropped by with gifts for us. It was so sweet! Steven came in with a bag over his shoulder pretending to be Santa. Carter was so excited!! One of the many things in the bag for Carter was the gumball machine.

We've always told Carter that he could have gum when he was 6. I don't know why we picked that age... but that just seemed more reasonable than 2 or 3. Well... the age limit has changed.

It's just so funny... Steven has been a part of so many firsts in Carter's life... peanut butter, ice cream, chocolate cereal, icing... and now gum. I may have freaked out about those things 2 years ago... but the longer we've been here, the more we've realized that some things are more important than others... like letting Carter enjoy his first piece of gum with Steven.


Morgan said...

That is so sweet!

And, I totally agree with you about something being more important. How lucky you guys are to realize that with your first baby. We (ok I) freaked out about way too many things with Judah that I realize now were just not worth it.

Amy said...

Gum for Isaac happens when he's getting his hair cut and when we're on a road trip. It has been very effective so far!