Sunday, May 30, 2010

Congrats to our sweet Ty're!!

Where did the time go? I think living at Joe's Place has really given us some insight into how quickly kids grow up. We first met Ty're when he was a 5th grader at MRH elementary. Fred was living with us and Ty're came by to sell us some Christmas wrapping paper to raise money for his school. Fastforward 3 1/2 years to last Wednesday... and his 8th grade graduation. Kind of hard to believe he's now lived with us almost longer than any other JP resident. It's not been the easiest year for Ty're... but we have seen him grow in ways we could never have imagined. He has one of the sweetest spirits of any person I have ever met and we are so proud of him! We're looking forward to seeing him on the high school football field in the Fall... just like his big brother 3 years ago.

Love this picture. He is so happy... he's reaching out to shake Fred's hand while walking in with the graduating class!

I thought it was fitting that there was a rainbow over the school after the graduation ceremony...


Lisa said...

Congrats to Ty! It's so awesome to watch these boys grow and mature in Joe's Place. What's happening with Carter's pants? Did he do that purposely!?

Audrey Woita said...

Ty're looks SO GROWN UP! loved the handshake pic!