Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Today was the longest travel day I have ever had... and it ended with Carter throwing up all over the kitchen table at my mom and dad's house. Poor guy :(.

Here's the reason for the traveling..

A couple months ago my good friend, Katherine, called and asked if I would be interested in joining her for a long weekend in San Francisco. I of course (after working out a few details) said YES! We ended up talking our good friend JennyLark into joining us as well... very exciting!! So... this morning Carter and I (thanks to Ann Louise for the super early ride) left our house at 5am and headed to the airport for our early morning flight. We landed in San Francisco after a layover in Las Vegas and were picked up by my best friend, Lisa. Lisa graciously allowed me to take her car for the next few days so I could make the 3 hour trek up to my parents house in Chico to drop Carter off for some Grammy and Papa fun.

This picture documents two things... Carter's 18th flight and the first time we have had to buy a seat for him... if only they did plane tickets by weight.

Checking out Grammy's pond after 12 hours in the air and in the car.

Reading with cousin Lexie before bed.

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Amy said...

So glad you got some chill time in with the girlfriends.
Nothing beats it!