Monday, January 18, 2010

Back to business...

We've been having some computer problems... major problems... for a while now. My iMac that we've had for about 3 1/2 years has been so good to us... but lately has not liked the increase in photo editing and storage. :( That's a pretty big problem since we have a photo business now. On top of that... our external hard drive (the one where we've backed up all of our pictures since starting our business) crashed about two months ago. We are really good at backing everything up in 2-3 places... everything except an entire months worth of pictures from our summer vacation in California this past July. We do have a handful that we edited while we were on that trip and had saved... but really... most everything is gone. :( Thankfully all of our other months and months worth of photos are saved in other places. Dan has tried to recover the photos on the external hard drive... but it hasn't worked. Our last hope is taking it into Mac Headquarters next week.

So... for my 30th birthday... Dan got me a new computer. I am in LOVE! I told him this gift better count for my next 3 birthdays... because it is WAY too big of a gift! We just set it up tonight... so I wanted to test out the editing speed before I head to bed. It's AMAZING! Dan's not going to be too happy with the pictures I chose... but I think Carter just looks too cute! My twin sister has some awesome heels! Too bad we don't live in the same state or wear the same size! :)

More updates coming soon!!

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Erica said...

They look amazing on him!