Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Home for dinner...

I know I haven't posted about the guys in a while... kind of crazy because they are some of the biggest parts of each of our days. Part of it is because I can't post everything... or sometimes even pictures of who is living here... but I'm still going to try and be better about keeping up with the fun stuff that goes on here.

Right now Ty're is living and breathing basketball... and because he is... so are we. I LOVE watching our guys play in sporting events. It seems we are constantly running Ty to practice or a game, figuring out his basketball schedule, making sure he washes his basketball stuff... and so on and so on. Here he is playing in his first MRH middle school game. I am constantly thinking about how soon he will be playing high school sports. Crazy!

And here are Fred and Ty're with Carter after dinner last night (Fred was in town for an appointment today). So funny... we see Fred so much more than Jeff or Steven... and Fred's the one who lives out of town! It's been neat to see our current group of guys get to know our graduates.

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Audrey Woita said...

Great picture of some of your boys. Carter looks content...Fred and Ty're, at home.