Saturday, January 30, 2010

Growing up...

We've realized for a long time that Carter really resembles my side of the family in looks... but lately we've begun to see a lot more of Dan come out in other ways. Carter shares his Daddy's love for the water and running. We bought him his 1st pair of running shoes for school this year... and since then he doesn't leave the house without them. He is constantly running and running... through stores, down the sidewalk, around the kitchen island, around the high school track (in warmer weather), and around me while I'm standing still. About a month ago we decided to start him in swim lessons at our community center (there's only so much running you can do in weather this cold). He's technically not old enough... but he's had so much water exposure for a kid his age (lakes, pools, ocean) that we figured he was ready. He LOVES it! It has been the perfect afternoon activity twice a week... for me and him (there are 4 other moms from our church there that I get to visit with :)). He passed his 1st level on Thursday and starts level 2 on Tuesday!! We're hoping he'll be able enjoy the outdoor pool this summer without his life vest.

This picture was taken with my phone. That's Carter with the blue noodle.

In other Carter news... we had a scary night with him last week. We were at one of Ty's basketball games when Carter had an allergic reaction to a pecan cereal bar he was eating. Thankfully he had only had about 3 bites and we were able to get some Benadryl in him pretty quick. We have to wait 3 1/2 months to get him in with an allergist (the first available appointment is actually my due date)... so until then our Pediatrician said he has to avoid all tree nuts and peanuts. We also can't leave the house without this...

Kind of unexpected... but what can you do. We're just thankful he was ok.


Audrey Woita said...

Sissy -
love the swim pix...he is so cute...but looks cold. how fun you get to enjoy this experience with other cpf mommas.
sorry to hear about the epi=pen, but glad it wasn't more serious. now, he and glen have another commonality, besides the same parents - glen carries an epi pen with him wherever he goes as well.

looking forward to lisa's visit!

Nana and Papa said...

He looks so proud of his certificate! So glad you were able to get the allergic reaction under control quickly!!!!!