Thursday, January 07, 2010

Snow Day!

One of the great things (I think) about St. Louis is the snow... we get just enough to make it fun... but we don't really have to deal with it all winter long. We've had a little bit of snow this winter already... but today is our first official snow day. We only ended up with about 3 1/2 inches... but with the 40 mph winds expected later today and the fact that we are experiencing some of the coldest temperatures St. Louis has had in a decade... schools around the area are closed. I posted about this last year... but I had to mention it again... it's great living where we do because some of the awesome men up at the school district had already shoveled and salted our walkway and the sidewalk in front of our house before any of the guys in this house were even up!!

Well... one guy was up pretty early this morning. It's fun to see Carter actually get excited about the snow this year! He wanted to go out and walk through it as soon as he was up.

Thankfully he didn't want to stay out very long. It's supposed to be -10 with the windchill today.

There's nothing like a special breakfast on a day like this... homemade cinnamon rolls with chocolate milk!


Amy said...

What a cutie! Yum homemade rolls! I especially like all of his cars on the counter :) Looks like my house! Where did you find his winter coat? Love it!

Alyssa said...

Hey Amy! Cute clothes for boys are so hard to find!! I got the coat at Old Navy a couple years ago. It's almost too small for him... but I love it!

Erica said...

Are you going to make us homemade rolls this weekend?

Alyssa said...

I've got some in the freezer for you guys! It's the recipe out the Pioneer Woman cookbook! :)