Thursday, January 21, 2010

So much better... we hope!

We use this blog to document a lot of things... one of the big things being "firsts" for Carter. Well... he had another first this week... unfortunately... a not so great one. In the middle of the night on Wednesday he was hit with the stomach flu for the first time in his life. We ended up making a bed for him on the floor of our master bathroom so he could be close to us through the night. It was heartbreaking. At 3am (after throwing up for the 4th time) he asked me to sit with him for a while. I told him that I would of course sit with him. He said... "I love you, Mommy." Made me want to cry. Then later in the morning (after we had cleaned up another issue)... he thanked me for helping him to feel better. My 3 year old thanked me in the middle of dealing with the stomach flu!!! He is amazing... I know we're biased... but he truly is an awesome little guy!

Here he is this morning feeling much better...

I'm really hoping I don't get it! I keep telling myself I won't... and I've felt great so far. We've used a lot of lysol and sanitizer and have canceled everything we had planned for the next few days.

Dan is another story. He's felt sick since Friday. We're thinking it's a combination of food poisoning, possibly a tiny bit of the stomach bug and some other stomach issues he's been dealing with for a long time (I'm sure he's going to love that I'm writing about this on the blog!). Anyway... a friend helped me work out a new diet plan for him this week. He's on the 2nd day of a 2 week cleanse. The cleanse is the start of an entirely different way of eating for him. He's not too happy about it (especially since he can't have his favorite beverage this weekend or next)... but he did mention today that he can already tell a difference. Just to give you an idea of what I have him eating right now... the checker at the grocery store last night asked if I was buying food for a rabbit. :)

Well... I should go... Carter just told me it's time for my nap. Don't want to miss that!!


Lindsey said...

hahaha... i love that he told you it's time for YOUR nap. I'd love someone to tell me that. Glad everyone's feeling better and that Dan can be done with his rabbit food asap :-)

Audrey Woita said...

You do have a truly awesome guy...he is both you and Dan together. Of course, he will be sweet, kind and caring. How great to see it amidst the flu.

a cleansing diet for dan? no wonder you have not replied about menu choices for this weekend...

love you! aud